Dec 2018 : Ye Good Olde Days in…

I used to work as advertising photographer for 50 years.
While I travel around Europe and some other country for my assigned job, I shot many pictures for my own works.
Finaly, I 've got the opportunity to show for these pix on my exhibition in Tokyo this year.
Here are some pix that I published on my exhibition.
Now I started another style of the photographer instead of the advertising photographer.

I used to like nostalgic things since i was young. Therefore, if I discover the traces of the old era, left in the cities of Europe, I will be excited.

So far, I’ve spent so many days in Europe. My ambition was to produce some pleasing images. I came across some heart beating scenes, however, photographs didn’t much up to feelings in my heart.

Here are some pictures and murmurs, but they are nothing but a small collection of Mare’s Nests.

Still at least, once a week, I’ve been playing the silly night owl to try and pick them off one by one.

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