Enjoy shooting

It’s been a long time that I didn’t share any story here. These are some of the tips that I want to share from my experience that I had been through as long as I took pictures.

1 – Subject.

Find the main subject that can convey the whole storyline. Additionally, we also can put other subjects as a second subject, whether they are related or contrary with the main subject.

2 – Composition.

Use basic and easy composition so that the pictures we take do not appear to be disordered. Start with a simple composition so that the storyline can be delivered clearly.

3 – Storyline.

Make sure the picture we take has a storyline as well as a very clear message. We also can include in the picture with the elements that will raise the issue from the story that we want to tell in the picture.

These are among the ways that I use during my shooting session. Hope it helps. Enjoy shooting.


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