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Trees or plants are one of our favor supporting element in portrait shots. Here is a shot of portrait of a model standing next to the bamboo bushes. Nothing wrong with it. The photo might looked a bit boring as it is too “flat”. What if we can make it look more 3D?

3D ?

No matter it is an image on the display or on a printed material. It is on a 2D (2 dimension) surface. Where the actually world that we are capturing is a 3 dimension world.

So question is how can we make our photo looks 3D. Yes, it is by adding depth (foreground layer) onto our images.


What we need to do is to add in depth to our picture by adding a object into the foreground. Technically we just need to put an object in between our model & our camera.


Few key points to look for when doing this is

  1. Always use a simple element as the foreground object, as complicated item in the foreground with take away the attention of your hero (model)
  2. Never let the foreground object cover your model eye (unless with a special story..)
  3. To make our life easier, switch our focus setting to single spot to pinpoint our focus on the model eye.
  4. Don’t worry even if we don’t have any lenses with larger aperture; just put the foreground object closer to our lens, we can make the foreground object blur.

This foreground layer can help us add a bit of drama into our photo.

See you next tip !

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