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Every week we share one simple photography tip. Easy to remember & apply in your upcoming photography project.


As we all started as a beginner, most of us will frame our portrait shot a very safe way. Can see the full size of the model head, hands, body, legs & 75% area of the photo is background (just like the photo above).

In order for us to grow in our photography journey, we really need to “step in”.

Not matter what lenses we are using (a fixed focal length lens or a zoom lens). We can move one “step” closer to our model. In fact, this physical habits can actually make a huge different in our photography journey in the years to come.


As we step in, we no longer telling the story with the model’s poses & the background. Instead we are telling the story thru the up close model’s expression.


After that take one more step closer, “remove’ the background by framing your camera with portrait mode. Dare to crop the model’s head, now we are focusing on express thru our model’s facial expression.

Guess what, we just created 3 different outcomes with our “Footworks”.

See you next tip !

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