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Thank to all the camera manufacturers, all the digital cameras now have a very accurate White balance system. We can “see” the actual color in our photos.

But seeing too much “actual color” sometimes makes our photos feel bored. We are human being & we have emotions. We associate our emotions to events, items and colors. Yellowish tone make us feel very warm. Blueish tone make us feel very cold,  lonely…etc
In fact some colors can help us “tell” our “stories” in photography.

In order for us to make our photo more “dramatic”, we need to know how to manipulate the white balance setting in our cameras to create the “feeling” we want.


The sunset shot has more”sunset” feel, if we shoot with white balance Shade or Cloudy.(left photo)

To create a “lonely” portrait photo, just set our white balance into Tungsten or incandescent light to get the blueish tone when we shoot under the sun


compared to the photo shot in AWB (auto white balance). The “Blue” make us feel lonely.

Here are some images shot in various white balance settings. See which one can help you dramatize your photo effectively.

AWB (Auto white balance)








Tungsten (incandescent light)


White Fluorescent


Good news is we can see the outcome instantly, especially those digital camera with “live-view” feature.

Convert your photo into a dramatic one today !

See you next tip !

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