alpha 7iii is here

images by Michael Chee

5 April, Sony Malaysia launched their a7iii in Malaysia. The launch was held in JW Marriot Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

a7iii is the entry level of Alpha full frame system, but Sony had packed it with tons of features & upgrades. One the reason why so many users to come over to this launch, just wanted to have a try-out of this powerful tool.

The hall was decorated with many print-outs that was taken by a7iii. Also charts & graphic to showcase the a7iii upgrades & new features.


After the Mr Chiou Bing Han, head of digital imaging department Sony Malaysia officially launched the a7iii. Demo units were loaned to users to experience the UPGRADES. Many hand-ons corner were prepared for the users to test out the new model. One of the most popular was the dance corner,  as the users were able to fully experience the power of 10fps & the 693 phase detect AF points.

With the launch of this so called Entry-Level full frame model, users are given another great tool to create their images.

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