Photography = Painting with Light Exhibition

Pinhole photography is one of the rudimentary form of photography by capturing an image through a hole in a box.

Chin Koon Yik, the photographer attempts to push himself beyond the boundaries through his Creativity with Limitation challenge i.e. shoot on film, shoot without lens and shoot without a viewfinder.

Relying only on the measurement of light with a light meter and extrapolation, these ethereal images were created with pinhole cameras.

Abstract rendition of an art installation

If you wish to view these set of work, you can visit Koon Yik at Film and Vintage Camera Specialist shop, Bang Bang Gang at Publika Shopping Gallery

The photographer/visual artist and his statement.

A landscape capture of Taman Tun Park and we think that it was in the forest.

Reflections from a jug

KLCC, we had a good discussion on how the reflection was flipped.

Macro shot of a small brush

About 20,000 frames would have flashed through our eyes in this full length recording of a TV program

A full length record of a live band.

One of the pin camera used. The film has to be loaded indoor and only 2 film exposure capacity each time.

A smaller portable pinhole camera purchased in Spain

Can u see the pinhole?

The film sprocket which fits a medium format 4×5 film.

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