A drive on the Momiji Road


Japan is very famous of its maple leaf during the autumn. Other than the food, it is also one of the reason so many tourists visiting Japan every autumn.

Instead of featuring those popular tourists spot of maple leaf, this time we want to bring you to a not-so-crowded maple leaf spot. It is call Momiji Road (Maple Leaf Road in Japanese), located in south of Chiba Prefecture.

Since this location can only be accessed by car, not bus & train service. Local likes to drive along this country road to enjoy the view of Momiji during Autumn. It is a very long road, but it is very easy to know which area is the famous photography spots, as you can notice that by seeing cars parked at the road side.

Remember to keep yourself warm while enjoying the maple leaf on Momiji Road.

For more information of the Momiji Road, please refer to the Futtsu Tourism Board’s website
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