Kusatsu Onsen


For those who love hot spring, Kusatsu Onsen is a must visit place when you are in Japan.

Just 2hours train ride & 20mins bus ride from Tokyo heading to the north, Kusatsu Onsen is one of the top 3 famous hot spring in Japan. & it also has the largest flow of hot spring water in Japan.

When you get to Kusatsu Onsen area, you can pay a visit to the centre of the town, where you can find a famous tourist spot called Yubatake, a large hot spring field. The hot spring field was built to let the hot spring water to be brought up to the surface to cool down its tempeture before it can be used as a hot spring bath.

Many of Japanese Ryokans offer pickup from the bus terminal. Before heading to your Ryokan, you can also catch a breath in some of footbath areas you find in town. Especially the bus terminal & the Yubatake area.

the source of the hot spring
For more information of Kusatsu Onsen, you can visit the website of
Kusatsu Onsen Tourism Association
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