Chiaroscuro Photography Exhibition

from left : KK Tan, KF Choy, Rebecca Ling, Adam Seow, Lee Hong Leng

Black & white photo is made of different level of gray tone till the black.

And zone system is a photographic technique to maximum on these tone so that it can nicely reproduced on a paper.

Chiaroscuro is a photo exhibition by 6 photographers; Adam Seow, Alex Foong, KF Choy, KK Tan, Lee Hong Leng and Rebecca Iing, who are adopting the zone system in their black & white works.
The objective of this exhibition is to promote an interest in the Zone System in Malaysia, and hence, cultivate an
appreciation for black and white, and a better understanding of what fine art photography is.

There were also workshop on zone system in weekends, so that the photographers in Malaysia can experience the beauty of this technique.

The exhibition is running from
22 January till 5 February 2016
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 1pm – 6pm
(Saturday & Sunday viewing by appointment only)

At The Refinery Art Gallery
G-3A, d6 Jalan Sentul 51000 Kuala Lumpur

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